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Avoid Reshipments – Prestashop module avoid returns


(german version)


Logo Avoid Reshipments Save time, money and CO2 – Avoid Reshipments and Returns


Our new Avoid Reshipments module for Prestashop  a message if multiple variations of the same product will be added to your cart. Simply ask your customers whether they really want to buy this item in so many variations.



Write your personal notification to the custumers before check out!


Avoid Reshipments by informing your customers:




Alert your customers to the substantial ecological and economical benefits of Less is More.


Our Avoid Reshipments module helps you with this: you can set a threshold on the number of product variations that may appear in a single order (default is three variations). Also, you can add a text of your liking to get the message across. Our suggestion is “Do you really need this many variations? Returned merchandise cause untold tons of CO2 each year. Less is More, don’t you think?”


  1. Specify the number of variations
  2. Write an explanatory text in the lightbox and below the order summary / cart
  3. Multilingual
  4. Environmentally friendly
  5. Time and money savings


Download the module Avoid Reshipments on Prestashop Addon Marcetplace down and help to preserve the environment.
Our multilingual module is easy to install and configure. You just set the variation order threshold and
put in your message—presta! Download now to give it a try.




Prestashop Modul Retouren vermeiden


Once the user has added 3 different variations of a single product to the shopping cart, your text and images
will appear in a Lightbox.


Massage in Lightbox Modul Avoid Reshipments


Below the order summary, a second message is displayed, the content may differ from the lightbox itself.


Prestashop Bestellübersicht


Save returns by informing your customers with a short message.
In our demoshop you can watch the function live.


Installation Instructions


Download the module Avoid Reshipments at the Prestashop Addon Marcetplace.
The module is delivered as. ZIP file.

1. login

Login to the backend of your online store with e-mail address and password.


Prestashop Onlineshop Login


2. Download the module Avoid Reshipments


Under the tab Modules> Modules> New Module




Select .ZIP file from the computer and “load module” with the click on the button to upload.



Aktualisierung erfolgreich

After the module has been successfully uploaded, in the search looking for Avoid Reshipments.


Suche Prestashop Modul


The module can be set up under the link “Configure”.




3. Configuring the module Avoid Reshipments

It appears a new user interface with 3 fields:

  1. Shown here with a number enter the number of variations after the message to be displayed.
    At least three variations for each product are preconfigured.
  2. If the online shop has an ajax shopping cart, the message is issued as a lightbox.
    This message can be entered into the editor here. Also pictures are possible.
    For multilingualism can click the flag and select the appropriate language.
  3. This message is the order summary below the table and may include a text other than in the lightbox.





Do not forget to save.


Print this documentation “Prestashop module Avoid Reshipments“!